Web design and web site creation people are a dime a dozen these days.  So why yet another one?  One simple reason–Internet marketing.  Most web designers don’t understand or know much about Internet Marketing.  We do.  Strategic Gains, Inc. was created to be, not just another web site shop, but to reduce the stress surrounding web technology and e-marketing strategies for entrepreneurs.

Strategic Gains, Inc. gives you the freedom and opportunity to focus on your business–on your message, your revenue-producing activities–instead of on the technology that supports it.  We understand the needs of infopreneurs and e-marketers, providing installation of WordPress-based web sites, ongoing maintenance and support, and technical and e-marketing training.

Todd Fredrich, Director
With over 25 years in the software development industry–specifically in developing high-availability, high-capacity web infrastructure–Todd has an extremely deep knowledge of Internet technology.  Leveraging that knowledge and combining it with his over 10 years of studying Internet Marketing, he is able to quickly understand and implement concepts in e-marketing, social media, video, audio and hosting.  His skills gained during the leadership and mentoring of technical teams enable him to create a team of skilled workers that become your remote web site support and strategy department.